Sunday, September 14, 2008


Late Summer in the Rockies

My hunting buddy and soon to be brother in law went 'scouting' north of Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful but pretty much elk free, as far as I could tell.

This was the snow rolling in, although I didn't know that then. I was in shirt sleeves, although I fortunately brought my unlucky hunting coat. Maybe that's what scared off the elk.

When it rains at a mile above sea level, it often snows above two miles up, where we were.

This is an old, logged out area which my bud says is prime elk hunting. Since I couldn't find a line of fire more than 50 yards long, I wondered why we had worked so hard to get our rifles sighted in at 200. This seems more like claymore ambush area than sniper ally.

The mountains were pretty the next morning.

Some might even say magnificent.

Which is good, because then we can look at the beautiful scenery all around us when the elk have eluded us.

At least he has his 'evil Spock' goatee going, so I know he's serious about eliminating Colorado's excess elk population, one at a time.

Have you seen your [future] brother, baby, standing in the shadows? I hope he has a better eye through his scope than he does through the camera's view finder. Pretty much nailed the mountain view, though.


Beautiful pictures of the mountains and nice picture of Gary. Bad picture of you, though. For those who haven't met Roger in person, the picture doesn't do him justice.
I paid her to say that.
Roger, you didn't tell everyone how I stayed that day and found plenty of elk - fresh tracks, poop still warm, above where we hiked between 10600 and 11,100 feet. We will succeed this year and feast on elk tenterloin at the annual christmas bash - don't you worry brother in law in waiting
I hope you're right. Wonder how the elk are down in Antonito?
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