Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Juan Cole Logic Deprived

I've seldom read this guy and now I know why. He compares Governor Sarah Palin to islamic fundamentalist. Favorably. He can't tell the difference. A theocrat is a theocrat, he says. I strike the flat of my hand into my forehead. Darn! How come I didn't see it? It is so plain.

He says she has no values in common with our Founding Fathers, or at least far fewer than she has in common with Muslim fundamentalists.

He repeats the lie (discredited nearly everywhere but at sinking-in-debt Salon) that Sarah Palin supports banning books. He says the Muslims do that too. I seem to remember some socialists in the '20s and '30s burning books but I guess that is ancient history to the intellectual giant Cole must be.

There's more smear but why shouldn't Cole jump on the Democrats 'lie about Palin' bandwagon.

Here is the list of lefty core beliefs Sarah neglects to embrace. Abortion, contraception, Darwinism, anthropogenic global warming, and the separation of church and state. Yeah, Juan, all of these were central to the Founding Father's world view.

What Juan Cole doesn't know about Christianity and this nation's history could fill a library. Guess I'll know what I'm getting into when I read him again.

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