Monday, September 08, 2008


Democrats Begin to Panic

And it's a whiny, delusional panic at that. Here is the first yelping jackal of the pack, Adam McKay at the Huffington Post. He's so far to the left, he thinks the press is an advantage for, wait for it, the Republicans. He also thinks that the vote will be rigged. So what happened in '06? Did the Republicans lose their ability to manipulate Diebold voting machines? Or were we cagey enough to lose one of the little votes to sooth the more paranoid of the nation? Expect more along both these lines as the polls get worse, as Obama underperforms at the 'debates' and as the nation wises up to the fraud being perpetrated against its citizens. If you listen to Obama merely say he is being lied about without explanation or example, there is the beginning of the panic waver in his voice too. Or perhaps I'm just hearing what I want to hear.

(h/t Hot Air)


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