Saturday, September 06, 2008


The Cure For the Left's Sneering, Condescending Hatred Hole Regarding Sarah Palin--More Diggin'

Here is a Brit who nails the zeitgeist of America as well as any effete, cluless, male chauvenist 5,000 to 8,000 miles away possibly could. Would that his sarcasm was funny in the slightest way.

There are, unfortunately, no highlights.

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Check out Anne Kilkenney's letter about Sarah Palin. Sarah Barracuda indeed.

There must be some reason why I should vote for her. Being able to field dress a moose is simply not enough although I would like to see her go one on with Valdimir Putin who i understand tranquilized a tiger.

I can field dress a moose and I have the photos to prove it, but although a specialized skill, probably not one that would translate well into the political arean. I'm not sure any VP changes many votes. Palin's primary help to McCain is energizing and involving what has been at best somewhat aloof members of McCain's own party. Who is Anne Kilkenney?

Anne Kilkenney is a housewife from Wassilla, AL. She has known Plain well, the way people whose kids o through school together ina small town know one another. I think she has also been active in community affairs.

So after Palin was tapped, she wrote a long and thorough review of palin and sent it to a few friends and said, "You can forward this if you want..."

The letter is all over the internet and blogosphere. Her phone has been ringing of the hook.

I heard her interviewed on NPR which gave no clue as to the content of her letter which I had read when I got home. While she was talking to the NPR reporter she received a call from someone wanting an interview and she said" Coul syou call back in 20 minutes< I'm in th emiddle of an interview now."

No highlights?

“Just to be clear,” he says, darkly, “you aren’t keeping your daughter’s boyfriend tied to a chair at gunpoint, or anything?” “You old kidder!” I say, cheerfully. Then I hand the shotgun to Todd and tell him I better take this call upstairs.

That's funny. That's a highlight.
T, if you got famous (it could happen) I'm sure there are people out there who would praise you and some who would pan you. I know it's true for our Governor. Is it helpful?-- maybe. Is it interesting?-- not to me.
Yeah, Mike, a sidesplitter.
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