Monday, September 15, 2008


Brief Sports Post

I've thought about the game Sunday and racked my memory (sorry, Andy, for the torture allusion) but I can't recall a less satisfying win for the Broncos. Ever. I'm upping my season prediction to 9 and 7 (from 7 and 9) but I am far from happy.


Spoken like a guy on the "center-right." A lefty would have felt entitled to that win. There would have been no guilt associated with being given an undeserved handout.

oops, I'm being too cynical again.
I try to be sufficiently cynical, but I can't keep up. Thanks for politicizing pro football. Is nothing sacred?
Feel good Rog.....I'm a Chief's fan.

Mark Dunn
Mark. You are a Chief's fan? How did that happen?

Rog. Nobody got hurt and at the ned of the season, the score of the game is the only thing that matters.

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