Thursday, September 04, 2008


The Best News of the Week

Pakistan has re-started a very serious war against the Taliban in Pakistan. If sustained, there will be no sanctuary for the illegal combatants fighting against us and NATO and the Afghan Army across the border, and they will be harried and killed on both sides of the frontier until they resemble the current version of al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, or they will surrender their weapons and take up a non-bean bag version of politics like Moqtada al Sadr is seriously contemplating.

I have no idea how determined the new leaders, whoever they are, in Pakistan are about eliminating the armed crazies in their country or what such a move will mean to the overall direction of Pakistan politics, but for now, this is wonderful news. Simply stunning. I had thought the rest of the Pakistanis were holding back 'eager to hunt down the Taliban' Musharraf. Who knew it was just the opposite. Go Pakistanis!


We're crossing the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan to harry and kill the Taliban, and not, apparently, in hot pursuit. Witness, if you can stomach the spin, this AP article. I wonder if we have a secret green light while the Pakistan government strongly condemns and protests the incursion?

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