Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Achievements of Our Current Congress

The successful Democrat sponsored legislation, of which about 1/3 was naming post offices, only includes one thing they ran on in 2006--they increased the minimum wage. Well done.

Here is a partial list of what the Republicans got done:

  1. Won the war in Iraq (kept funding it, defeated Democrat Defeatists legislation, got the surge going).
  2. Fixed FISA (a little) and kept immunity in the new bill.
  3. Stopped enlargement of S-CHIP.
  4. Stopped a new illegal alien amnesty.
  5. Stopped card check voting for unions.
  6. Defeated (a week from now) Democrat renewal of offshore drilling moratorium.
  7. Stopped all efforts to impeach our current leaders.

I wonder if the Democrats who voted in the new Congress are satisfied with its accomplishments? We Republicans seem better lately when in the minority.

(h/t Moe Lane)

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