Saturday, August 23, 2008


The Whining Ticket

It's the Big O and Slow Joe

Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) has been anointed by the Chosen One to be his running mate for Vice President. That locks down the important swing state of Delaware and puts the combined fatuous egotism of the ticket into overload territory. The sad news is that the office of the VP is not worth any sort of bucket and it really does nothing of substance to the chances of the presidential candidate. Look at the 'help' Edwards and Lieberman gave to their running mates. I can barely remember a Democrat VP candidate before '92. Uh, Mondale, Shriver, uh...

Biden couldn't get arrested during his most recent run for the presidency, he never got a double digit piece of the voter pie and had no delegates for him when he quit the race last January. Edwards at least got 4 and 1/2 delegates. He only got 3% of the vote in his own state. 3%! I believe Biden also said a lot of unkind but generally true things about Obama. Obama certainly looks good, bright and clean and he is very articulate (while on teleprompter); off the cuff there are a lot of uhs. A lot of them.

This may be a pick of gaffetastic proportions, and let the data mining of past Biden misstatements begin, but we Republicans should hide our glee and be prepared for Vice President Biden. Just in case.

Has an all Senator ticket won since Kennedy/Johnson?


And best of all, Joe Biden even knows how many houses he owns.

How many houses does John McCain own?
Well, I'm pretty sure he doesn't own any mansions in the Chicago suburbs that involved corrupt kickbacks, but other than that, ....
McCain never said he "didn't know" how many homes he owns. He said he'd have his staff address that. That's because he doesn't own ANY homes. His wife owns all of the properties. Just the facts.
tdg wins the prize. McCain's rich wife owns all 7 houses and McCain, because of the pre-nupt, is virtually a love slave with little property of his own. Pretty woman, very rich, big chest, beer distributorship--Life could be worse.
At least McCain know how many states comprise the United States of America.
Guys, guys, guys,

Once again you have fallen into the trap of intellegence and critical analysis. The issue isn't how many houses McCain owns just as the issue isn't how much Obama's house is worth. (see appreciation in real estate values prior to the sub prime debacle) The issue is that by being unable to answer a question that 99.9999% of Americans can answer, McCain appeared to be an uber rich buffoon. I suppose he could have said: "It doesn't matter to me b/c of the terms of the prenupt. Since I married her, I have been the love slave of a hottie blond, 18 years my junior who has supported my political career in return for my horizontal (and sometimes vertical) talents."

Then he may have won oiver 505 of th evoters.

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