Friday, August 08, 2008


Thought of the Day

The last mass trials were a great success. There are going to be fewer but better Russians.

Greta Garbo in Ninotchka



OK. So last night (Thursday) I was channel surfing during a comercial in The Daily Show and I went to TMC and saw the final scene in Ninotchka in which Greta Garbo receives a three page letter that has been censored completely. Nothing except Dear Ninotchka and "Yours Leon" remain. (Count Leon Daiga that is; retainer of the Grand Duchess played by Melvyn Douglas.)

Then Sig Rumann, Ble Lugosi, and Felix Bressart thank Greta Garbo for feeding themn dinner ans as they leave, one of them--Felix Bressart I think--says: "They can never censor our memories."

They leave; Greta Grabo puts her head in her hands; fade to black.

I watched it last night as well.
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