Friday, August 08, 2008


Russia Invades Georgia

The former Soviet Republic Georgia, that is. It seems Georgia is trying to retake a break-away province and for reasons that don't seem all that logical to me, Russia objects and has sent a column of tanks, and jets. Georgia is going after the Russians. Hmmm?

The weapon in the photo is a Georgian self propelled anti aircraft weapon. Doesn't the operator of the ZU-23 (2A13) twin 23mm cannon look a little exposed to you?


A lot of ambiguity here. No one knows who shot first. Seems clear that Russia wants to annex S. Odessia region as well as another region. But did Georgia take the capital by force? Isn't that their right if they try to break away?

More questions than answers at this point.
I'm bscking Georgia just because they are the little guys here. I have no idea who's right and wrong. Is Schevernadze dead?
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