Friday, August 15, 2008


Olympic Coverage

I finally broke down and watched some Olympic coverage and it was far worse than I could have imagined. All I saw in several hours was exhaustive coverage of some little gnome girls vaulting and twirling and the rest of the time was swimming. There are few sports less exciting to watch than swimming. Here is a partial list of the cool sports which go on in the Olympics and which apparently have not been covered at all:



Pistol competition


Tae Kwan Do


Even Badminton on the Olympic level is better than watching swimmers for hours prepare for preliminary heats.

They could show the hits, throws, blows of the day for each of them, rather than show several hours of little gnome girls taping up and then sitting around waiting for their turn. Just a suggestion.

I won't be watching any more.



Karen and I agree that the coverage has been bad but a few days ago I did catch some of the skeet shooting final on either MSNBC or USA. I was cool b/c it was different but there wasn't much to see. Just "Bang" and a puff of pink smoke on a hit and nada on a miss.

My family has shouted me down on the following subject but somehow, someone at NBC decided that on prime time we were going be compelled to view every synchronized diving event willy nilly. Whereas I apopreciate the athleticim required to dive, synchronized diving is the gayest sport ever. It is not bad b/c it is gay, but I could watch 5 minutes a be good for another four years.

Instead, I was forced to watch every freaking synchronized diving event: men, women, springboard, platform all of which I think were won by the Chinese, not that I care, but I need to get to the bottom of this.

I mean someone on high at NBC said: "Lo, we will televise all the synchronized diving there is in the Olympics and woe unto the children of Israel and everyone else if they wish to see some Tae Kwan Do or pistol shooting."

There was some fencing on Day 1 or 2. Some North Korean pistoleer was stripped of his silver and bronze medals for testing positive for a Beta blocker which he took but did not need.

Steel yourself old friend, in a few days we will be confronted w/ another sport which will be televised endlessly while I gnash my teeth and look Job-like to the heavens. I speak of course of rhythmic gymnastics. Be afraid...Be very afraid!!!

Ah, it hasn't been that bad. Yes, the synchronized diving was a bit much, but watching the USA smack down the rest of the world is rather fun. Sure, the Chinese have had their moments, but even their massive athlete factories can't compete with the programs in the free world (even when they cheat).

Advantage, Capitalists.
That is what you get for living in the states.

I've seen plenty of coverage of all of the sports you mentioned. We have it on three different channels.

Our Czech female shooter already has 2 medals, and the 50m 3 position was an absolute nail biter!

Sorry you missed it.
Is there really a thing called synchronized diving? Sorry I missed it. Is RG the stuff with the ribbon wand and ball, etc.? Yeech. I'm glad we are neck and neck with the hosts regarding medals, chemgeek, but that's just my jingoistic pride in country, I'm sure. Thanks, Mike, rub it in. Rub it in!
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