Friday, August 15, 2008


Obama's Banking Committee

"...which is my committee..."? What a liar! He's not the chairman of the Banking Committee. He's not even on the Banking Committee. This sort of gaffe/lie would be like death to a Republican running for office. Care to bet if the liberal madia will cover this (or supply Obama with cover)?

Oh would it? You mean like Iran supporting Al Qaeda? Or "Czechoslovakia" or the "Iraq/Pakistan border" or "putting pressure on the government of Somalia" or "President Putin of Germany"

Would it? Really?
I believe Iran does support al Qaeda. I have been known to say Czechoslovakia rather than the Czech Republic lately as well as other mispeaking like you're quoting here. I wouldn't call that lying. Do you really think this was a mere slip of the Obama tongue? Like the 57 states thing?
Either way, I wouldn't vote for you for president based on those first two things.

We've been through the Iran al Qaeda thing before so I won't rehash. No way to prove a negative anyway, but you have zero evidence, and he corrected himself saying that of course we know there is no link. If you can't figure out that we have our own country here after 16 years, well, that just means that you are unable to adapt to a changing world and you won't get MY vote for sure. Would you call Moldava the Ukraine?

I really don't know what Obama was thinking at the time, but if he is disqualified for this, McCain is disqualified 5 times over.
If you want to trade mispeak for mispeak of our respective candidates, bring it on!
I thought you didn't like McCain and even said he has no support in GOP!

I'm bringing it! I think Just mentioned 4 pretty good ones. You have one. I'm waiting for 3 more (on the level of "president Putin of Germany")

Bring it!
President Putin of Germany is a serious gaffe. Had he said Prime Minister Putin of Germany, I wouldn't be so alarmed. You want some Obama ones? I'll post. More room there than here.

What about McCain giving the names of the Steeklers defensive line to his captors in Vietnam?

When earlier he had said it was the Packers? I couldn't give you the name of any team's offensive line.

I love how your excuse for everything McCain says is, "I would do the same or worse."

That isn't a very convincing argument that the guy should be president, with all due respect.
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