Monday, August 11, 2008


Learning to be Bad

The horrible Gang of 10 deal was so bad that it makes one wonder how normally intelligent Republicans could be so blind and stupid. But there was another maverick in their party who was willing to work across the aisle to get things important only to the Democrats done. The pure thinking Reagan Conservatives from 8 months ago, seeking the presidency, are all nearly forgotten losers now. McCain is our candidate. Is the message from that success lost on the other Republican Senators? I am at a loss for another explanation

If the party doesn't at least bad mouth such behavior, and for our feisty Senator, rewards just such behavior with the nomination, the party will be 'rewarded' by even more bad behavior.

Just so in the wider world. Hitler was able to become totally corrupt (and competent in action) because no one opposed him; the French and the British, powers who actually could have taken him on early, let him do what he wanted. When America's government finally took action, in 1941, against Japan's half decade of aggression against China, by cutting off their oil, the Japanese reacted, not by stopping, but by sneak attacking us in order to knock us out of the war so they could take the oil producing regions of the Dutch East Indies. It all ended in tears for them, but the early message they got was go ahead, we can't/won't stop you.

The Soviet Russian invasion of Georgia has that familiar odor, a familiar theme, like Roger in Lord of the Flies realizing he can hurt people without repercussion. Putin has watched savage lap dog NATO fail to let Georgia join, has watched us actually reward North Korea for developing a nuke, watched us flutter about like chickens about Iran developing a nuke, without doing anything. China has watched us fail to sell Taiwan modern weapons.

The Bush administration, on top of the inevitable lame duckness, has been stunned to inaction in part by media and popular vitriol for the proper and finally successful end of Gulf War I. Condi Rice, our Russian expert Secretary of State, is now in complete eclipse, reduced to removing state department personnel from Tbilisi. Israel is wholly paralyzed by wholly inept leadership. All of Europe couldn't field a competent army if they had the will, and they certainly don't have the will. Weakness breeds boldness (and badness) in others. Few lessons of history are so clear. I see the expansion of the former Soviets, expansion by the Chinese, dead civilians, all ending in tears.

And that's when I'm being optimistic.


Don't be so gloomy. Russia is about to call it quits, and China won't do anything that would cripple their economic growth.

If all else fails, send in the French to negotiate. :)
You say that last ironically but Sarkozy did negotiate a bank robbery gone bad or something. So he has some experience negotiating with criminal types. I hope they have stopped. They have the Baku-Turkey pipeline
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