Thursday, August 21, 2008


Lame Plame Affair-- I Hope the Last Words

CBS's sclerotic Sunday program 60 Minutes used its crack reporter, hard hitting, while perky, Katie Couric, to misrepresent what really occurred about CIA desk jockey Valerie Plame a few years ago.

Here are a few of my problems:

Plame claims to have been covert when she was working at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. So she's driving from her house to the CIA building, parking in their employee lot, and then driving back each work day. If that really qualifies as covert, we need to get a new definition of covert. She was covert only if her cover was 'openly working at the CIA.'

Plame says she believes she was 'outed' by the administration in retaliation for her husband's (lying) op-ed, but the original source to Bob Novak (pray for him) was anti-Iraq war, not part of the administration in spirit, noted gossip, deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage. How did the administration get him to leak the name to Novak? Jedi mind trick? (This question begged to be asked--it wasn't).

Plame calls this part of the 2002 State of the Union--The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa-- a lie. It is not a lie; it is literally true and the things lying Joseph Wilson discovered in Niger supported those words, which the British investigation into pre-war intelligence ruled were 'well founded' and which Christopher Hitchens has established as true to a moral certainty.

Plame says the fact that she repeatedly urged the CIA to send her husband to Niger, including a very forceful memo urging them to send Joe, was not nepotism. I guess we need a new definition of nepotism for her as well.

The final thing left out entirely was that the Court of Appeals recently affirmed the dismissal of her lawsuit against members of the administration. She has no case, well, except on left leaning, 'news magazine' programs where the hard questions are skipped and the lies of Wilson and the lies of Plame are repeated as fact.

I have one final question. Recently several hundred metric tons of yellow cake were removed from Iraq and taken to Canada. On the show, Plame was called "chief of operations for the CIA's joint task force Iraq ". Did she know about that uranium in Iraq?

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I'm disappointed. Still no mention of the Obama Gaffes as promised.

But more importantly, no "this day in the history of evil"

40 years ago on the 21st?

Anyone? Bueller?
The Obama gaffe list is a huge project it turns out. Be patient.
The violent Soviet end of the Prague Spring. Missed it, sorry.

It's understandable why you missed the 40th of the invasion. Your obsession w/ the Plame affair is well documented. I promise to follow the links and read the material which I tended to have skipped.

My own lack of information notwithstanding, why don't you just admit that this was just another example of Bush administration payback. Usually, it is best to allow karma to take care of payback. When one interfers w/ those powers there is a substantial chance of things turning around on you. You know. Nemesis follows hubris.

Like Tony says...

it only hurts so much that Plame took precedence over a very poignant anniversary.

You should be sorry.
Tony, How could it be payback if Richard Armitage, not in league with the White House and a vocal critic of the war in Iraq, was the guy who first told Novak? Novak said it was just a passing remark and there is no evidence that Richard was following orders to say it, or that he would follow orders about that particular information. The conspiracy theory falls apart when it's an outsider who leaked the job info.
Then why did Scooter Libby fall from grace?
When his memory of what was said differed from a handfull of other people's memories of what was said.
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