Friday, August 29, 2008


It's Not Checkmate, But A Seriously Good Check

John McCain gets something all right--he picks Governor of Alaska Sarah "Barracuda" Palin as his VP candidate. Take that Hilary passing over Obama! Take that change meme! There's not a lot of change in picking as the Veep a very senior male Senator from Delaware, a Washington insider, no matter how often he takes Amtrak to Wilmington. We'll see what's more appealing, Biden's bathetic bluster or Palin's plain-speaking profundity. Palin not only talks the pro-life talk, she walks the walk; she was told her last child had triploidy 23 and doctors urged her to abort. She did not. She and I agree about no gay marriage but full gay partnership rights.
This choice will help bring back the social conservatives not excited by the Maverick nature of our GOP candidate for president, and will energize nearly everyone in the party. Paul Miregoff is not happy at all. (His update reveals he's somewhat mollified).There is no simple counter to this; the move is made and the results will be seen in November. This election, due to Bush's undeserved unpopularity and the horrible actions, and inactions, of the Republicans in Congress, was Obama's to lose and he appears to be doing it, but I'm shortchanging McCain's shrewd, and bold (i.e. risky), political judgment here to focus at this moment on Obama. Let's see what the intrade market does over the next few days. Obama is still comfortably ahead but the trend lines are promising.

The photo is of the new VP pick visiting a wounded soldier in Landstuhl, Germany, where Obama failed to go when he was in the neighborhood a few weeks ago.



Are you on drugs?

"Bush's undeserved unpopularity?"

As for Sarah Palin, I suppose that as a VP candiddate she will put aside her Miss Congeniality sash.

There are ceratin attractions politically, but the whole "expreience" issue has now gone by the wayside, for the better I think. Now people can talk about the real issues.

She has more executive experience than Obama and Biden together.

Not on drugs.

Interested in trivia again soon?

Trivia. Sure. I will try and drag C along but that will be a struggle.

Look, being mayor of Wassilla, AL gives one some experience but when you bring a relative tyro like Pailn on the ticket, the whole subject of 'experience' is off the table which is a good thing. Jimmy Carter hasn't said much worth listening to but he did say that there is no experience that prepares one to be president. I am paraphrasing here.

Please keep your perspective on the election. We do not need more cheerleaders.

I agree with Carter when he says that. He certainly was overwhelmed.
Something tells me our hockey mother moose killer (or Caribou, whatever) could do better.
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