Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Good News About al Qaeda

Here is an article that indicates all is not well with a group dedicated to the re-establishment of the Caliphate through war with the West. Indeed, the author says al Qaeda is losing the Jihadi war. Sounds right to me. Money quote:

Until 2006, hardcore European jihadists would have traveled to Iraq. But the numbers doing so now have dwindled to almost zero, according to several European counterterrorism officials. That's because al-Qaeda's affiliate in Iraq has committed something tantamount to suicide.

It is never a good thing to bomb your fellow religionists, no matter what spin you later put on it.


Now they go to Afghanistan like they used to.
Or perhaps to Pakisan and then into Afghanistan. Still not the draw it was after the big success in 2001.

I thought you had agreed to stop complimenting Muslim terrorists by calling them jihadis or jihadists. Salafi extremists or good old fashioned "terrorists" will do nicely.

I got your point, T, and I don't want to help them in a propaganda war through my ignorance, but I'm not writing primarily for a Muslim audience. I'll try to think of a concise term that doesn't contain any religious concept. Maybe terrorist is indeed all I'll come up with.
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