Sunday, August 24, 2008


DNC Sunday Stills

Presidential candidate Cynthia Mckinney (Moonbat Party), wearing a kaffiyeh, before she addressed the 'crowd'.
Capitalism is alive even on the farthest left fringe; most of these booths were selling something only tangentially related to politics.

I don't know what has her panties in a wad about Free Trade, but, since I was too shy to ask her, I guess I'll never find out now.

And what is it with covering the lower part of your face? I think I could still pick the guy with the red kerchief over his nose and mouth out of a line up. The camouflage guy does it a little better.
Here is a policeman videoing the crowd from above, outside the Speaker of the Houses' office. I wonder if he got my bald spot?

The Wobblies were there. Just so you know. I thought they had disbanded. My mistake.

The 'Truthers' were there too and for really silly look at what's written on the guy's green t shirt. If you ask him about his vow of silence won't he have to break it to tell you what it's about. Maybe his friend in blue, busy texting, will answer for him. Very silly indeed.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Iran and, of course, the whole of Occupied Native North America were not the only places that came in for criticism. China too.

This was more of a test than anything. The tiny anti-war and completely self delusional rally that was held this morning on the west steps of Colorado's capitol building here in Denver, was not the rousing barnstorm the Recreate 68 guys were hoping for. Talking about getting out of Iraq now seems about as relevant as protesting the liberation of the Philippines in WWII (although some one did mention that was wrong). I'd say about 500 people showed, including about 250 members of the press mixed in. I also took videos of Cindy Sheehan, Ron Kovic, Cynthia McKinney and Ward "I'm just a pretend Indian" Churchill speaking. But posting those snippets hit a snag. I have run into technical problems which can be solved in time. More later.

So far, except for mobbing the 'evil' Fox cameraman, et al., pretty dullsville. The guys I saw today are much too wussie actually to do anything violent. Looks like I wasted my money on the Israeli gasmask.


Nice coverage. Just be sure we get complete photo coverage of this event:

(Scroll down for the DNC event schedule -- IIRC, it's NOON on the 26th)
Thanks for the heads up Jed. See you Thursday.
leftover crack is a band, Dad.
Out of the mouth of babes.
Please tell me you did not buy an Isreali Gas Mask for the DNC "Riots"
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