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Dangerous Ignorance

The cornerstone of a democratic society is a well educated populace. When the populace is wholly misinformed about things, other things go poorly. Here is an important article about just how misinformed the Brits are about current and historical facts regarding America. The first line mentions crime statistics, but I can find no mention of it in the rest of the article. (It's here) I'm sure most British citizens are indeed ignorant of the hugely rising crime rate in all categories but murder there while we have been undergoing a continuing decline (with fits and starts) for the past few decades. I'm struck by the congruence of lefty talking points and the mistaken beliefs of the Brits. You don't think the BBC had anything to do with the dissemination of all this invidious propaganda against the United States? Here is what the bulk of Brits believed followed by the the reality:

70% believe the US reduced CO2 less than the EU did since 2000--The US reduced it more.

80% believe the US sold Saddam at least 25% of his weapons--The real figure is .46%.

Most believe that, since WWII, the US has backed non Muslims over Muslims in conflicts between them--We've supported the Muslims in 11 out of 12 conflicts.

Most believe polygamy is legal--All 50 states ban even bigamy.

Many believe the United States executes more criminals than China--China has more than ten times the executions.

A third believe that a British citizen is more safe from assault than an American citizen--The Brit is more than twice as likely to be assaulted than an American.

Nearly half believe that a white applicant to college will be accepted over a black applicant with the same qualifications--The opposite is true.

It is little wonder the Brits look down on their former colonial cousins.


So who is responsible for American ignorance (i.e over half believe that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for the events on 9/11)?
It's not that high and it's not that Saddam plotted to bring down the buildings, but that he was involved in the al Qaeda plot. I believe the belief comes from the Atta meeting in Prague. I forget, has the Czech spy organization backed down from the claim?
But to answer your question, the largely liberal teachers and the largely liberal news media are responsible for the ignorance in America. There certainly is plenty of it.
I refuse to answer the Atta meeting question on the grounds that I've answered it for you explicitly many, many times.

So I suppose it was the liberal teachers that wanted everyone to believe that Saddam supported al Qaeda.
Saddam DID support Al Qaeeda....he wanted in on the organization.

Zarqawi ring a bell ?

Al Qaeda was not a fan of his, but they would have used him as a useful apostate.

Mark Dunn
I take it that's a no then, Mike. Zarqawi is like the Ray Crock of al Qaeda. Tony and I have argued about the existence of al Qaeda in Iraq before we invaded 3/03 but it's just that he called it something else before that date. Still was a terrorist connection and I believe across the supposedly impenetrable Shia/Sunni divide.
There was al Qaeda in Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and at least a dozen other countries prior to 9/11. That isn't the point.

Saddam had nothing to do with the attacks, and even Dick Cheney will admit that now. It is only you guys living with your heads under rocks that still cling to this myth.
I'm not under a rock to believe that Saddam supported terrorism. He paid $25000 to the families of sicide bombers in Israel. He ran a retirement community for old terrorists. He at the very least allowed the late Z man to set up a terrorist training camp in Iraq. I believe he actively supported Z. Support and joined in on the planning are not the same thing.

al Zarqawi just called it something else? He was a terrorist but had no affliation w/ al Qaeda until he made his declaration.

Saddam gave money to suicide bombers who attacked Israel. He had nothing to do w/ 9/11.

Never in life complain about "liberal" teachers when you are so ready to revise history to suit your politics.

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