Friday, August 29, 2008


Class--Either You Have It or You Don't

Senator Obama, this is truly a good day for America. Too often the achievements of our opponents go unnoticed. So I wanted to stop and say, Congratulations. How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day. Tomorrow, we’ll be back at it. But tonight, Senator, job well done.

From John McCain's Convention Night ad, viewable here.

It's not because John McCain doesn't care; it's because John McCain doesn't get it.

You know, John McCain likes to say that he'll follow bin Laden to the gates of Hell, but he won't even follow him to the cave where he lives.

From Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech.


I forgot. I would expect Obama to air a congratulatory ad during the GOP convention.

I would also expect MCCain, in his acceptance speech, to take a swipe at Obama so this little piece of juxtaposition was a little cheap, silly, and unworthy of your intellect.

We'll see the swipe McCain takes and see if there is a congratulatory ad. Care to bet if there is one?
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