Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well This Just Sucks

Good guy journalist, radio and TV commentator, and onetime White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has died from his colon cancer. Man, I'm going to be sad all day. He leaves behind a wife and young kids, I believe. He was two years younger than I am. My colonoscopy at 50 was unremarkable. He woke from his to have an informed consent for major surgery shoved in his face. The medieval idea of a wheel of chance outside the rose window sounds about right now. RIP.



I recall seeing him on The Daily Show fairly recently--w/in the last 6 months--and he told John Stewart he was doing well. He certainly looked well.

Requiescat in Pace indeed.

It's a shame. We'll miss Tony Snow's humor and class.

Not to "politicize" things too much, but have you noticed the difference between the righty bloggers' reactions to Tim Russert's death and today's lefty bloggers' reactions to Tony Snow's death?

The difference is very telling.
I know, T, the news was not good but he certainly put on a brave front. Eric, very telling indeed. The more I read lefty comment posters, the more I admire dogs.
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