Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Stalinist James Hansen's Prediction Abilities

Here is a pdf version of the speech Dr. Hansen gave 20 years ago, which speech is credited with jump starting the anthropogenic CO2 caused Global Warming Climate Change crisis. If you go there, scroll down to the final page (10) and look at the chart he presented to predict the next 30 years. Now, compare that to the RSS for the past 28. Not even close.

Hansen's prediction is closer to the GISS record , but as Anthony Watt and others have been showing, someone is cooking the books at GISS and it is not reliable.

Now, when someone tells you that his knowledge and study causes him to believe a certain thing will happen in the future and then when the future becomes the now, what the person said would happen, didn't, in fact, well, happen; do you continue to blindly believe that person or do you begin to take what he says cum grano salis? The question answers itself except for those who have adopted Climate Change (from anthropogenic CO2) as a personal religion. There certainly are plenty of them.



Do you deny that sea levels are rising?

No, the level has risen slightly, mainly from thermal expansion from the slight warming we've undergone since the end of the Little Ice Age. The sea is getting less basic too. Lately the seas have been generally cooling, again slightly, except where there are undersea volcanos near the Antarctic Peninsula and under the ice of the Arctic Ocean. Next question.

I thought I heard 9 inches in S. FL since about 1930.

You think it would be the same all over the world, or nearly the same. I'll do some research and post. It went up a lot, hundreds of feet, since the end of the latest ice age and then leveled off. If the land sinks, wouldn't that look like the sea rising?
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