Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Problem With Predictions

Sooner, or later, your prediction of the future is going to be compared to the present. Here is an original prediction and (above) the revised prediction of Solar Cycle 24 Sunspot Predictions. The first comes from October 2005 (sorry for the lousy resolution), not quite 3 years ago. It says that there should have been 60 Cycle 24 sunspots by now. There has been only one. Even earlier, the scientists were predicting a very active Cycle 24. And it could still happen, however, as you can see from the most recent NCAR graph, the scientists predicting just 1/50th of a century into the future, have had to revise the predictions seriously. We deniers of the validity of dire predictions of Global Warming Climate Change over the 21st Century (caused primarily by anthropogenic greenhouse gasses) take some solace from the fact that the predictors of the sun's 'weather' can't get it right mere months after their initial predictions. I predict the climate speculators will be equally inept.

Anyone care to predict I will be wrong?

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Shouldn't we try and promote the practice of limiting CO2 emissions so as to abate acid rain?

No, acid rain is sulfuric or nitrous not carbolic.
Did you see this?

More ice than last year.
What about acidification of the oceans?

T, the sea is basic so what you call acidification is actually moving towards ph neutral. But it is a problem with some of the sea creatures so I don't dismiss it. I think we should immediately build about 100 nuclear plants to further lower our CO2 output. Are you with me? We should clear cut the remaining ancient forests and replant efficiently to maximize tree production. Are you with me? I'm with T Boone who wants 100000 bird and bat chopping giant windmills on the Great Plains. Screw the whooping cranes. Are you with me?
El Presidente, I didn't see the P-lugar site, but I do go to the Cryosphere Today site everyday, such is the freewheeling, devil may care adventure of my life. I was aware that there was more ice and I posted on it recently. Thanks for the cite, however. Good to see I'm not the only one using the info at CT against the Warmies.
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