Tuesday, July 08, 2008


More on the Yellowcake Out of Iraq

Here is the AP story on the subject. Of course it was unused stuff at the Tuwaitha nuclear site, but a lot of it. Here are some pertinent questions.

And why was it unused? Because the Israelis, bless 'em, had the foresight and moxie to bomb the reactor before it was up and running.

Well if there were 550 metric tons of it in Iraq since 1982, why would Iraq have needed to purchase more from Niger? Because Saddam wanted yellowcake that was not discovered and catalogued with which to be able to ramp up his nuclear program clandestinely.

I'll let the next question be asked by others.

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Thanks for the link. Cnn finally covered it. Saw it today.

Here is a question. What do you do with Yellowcake when you have no means to refine it?
You can further refine it with centrifuges but it's hard and you can only do a little at a time, thus the need to have a lot of centrifuges (Iran has several thousand). Saddam buried some centrifuges. Hmmm? There was no reason to keep it if your only reactor was a smoking ruin. Hmmm?
wouldn't it be interesting to know the source of the UO2. surely there was no USA complicity back then.
Like I said, what do you do with it if you don't have the means to refine it?

Relatively innocuous stuff. I saw a guy handling it with gardening gloves on.
"Yellowcake, yellowcake'
Saddam's plan,
Make him a bomb,
As fast as you can,
Refine it and pack it
And mark it with an S,
Then plant in Tehran,
To blow up Mullahs,
I guess."

Pappa Lebas
Mike, Dirty bomb?
anon, France sold them the reactor and I believe the fuel.
Papa, good poem. Well done all of you.
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