Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Friday Movie Review (quite early)

Just got back from Hancock which was not at all crowded (that's not so good) and I have to give this warning:


It's not that bad a movie, but the director, Peter Berg, (whom I quite like as an actor) dispensed with the steadicam and filmed a jerky, nausea inducing flick. Not good.

Will Smith was really quite adequate to the role, not at all like the Fresh Prince all grown up (which, face it, he has been from time to time in his work of the recent past).

And for a while it was quite enjoyable, until the big unmentionable plot twist came and the movie went right to hell. Express. Or maybe that was when the nausea kicked in. Either way, it couldn't have ended too quickly for me. I guess I wait for the Hellboy sequel now. The new Batman movie might be OK.


Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering about that movie, I'll pass now.
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