Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Two Sides of the Same Coin

Here are two divergent opinions about how things are going in Afghanistan. I suspect the truth is tough to decide here, so I'm believing we're kicking ass and decapitating (figuratively) the Taliban leadership so that, for the second time in as many years, the Dreaded Spring Offensive just failed to occur. However, with the 'sanctuaries' in Afghanistan (which Musharraf has tried and failed to root out and appears now to have decided just to leave alone), the war theater will be hard for a long time. My source, after all, is the New York Times.

My favorite part:

Marines of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit have been clearing Taliban and foreign fighters from the district of Garmser, in southern Helmand Province, an important infiltration and drug trafficking route used by the Taliban to supply insurgents farther north.

“The insurgents, after experiencing these several weeks of pressure below Garmser, are trying to flee to the south, perhaps to go back to the sanctuaries in another country,” said the NATO commander, Gen. Dan K. McNeill.

Herschel Smith has a nearly irrefutable point, however--we don't send in the Marines when the job is done, we send them in when the job is hard and yet to be accomplished.
The photo is of the underside of an A-10, newly refueled and turning to complete its mission over Afghanistan. As the eager types in country used to say: Git sum.


And a beautiful sight it is to see a glorious A-10 in all of its undercarriage.
Is this the real Herschel Smith?
Followed this article up with another.



Thanks, I'll link to it if I have the time. So you're cautious but generally pleased with progress in Afghanistan? Or you're happy with the martial spirit of our and the other English speaking troops but we're slowly losing in Afghanistan? I guess I could tell with close reading of your articles.
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