Thursday, June 12, 2008


Thought of the Day

sibi servire gravissima est servitus


The most severe slavery is being a slave to oneself.


I've finally replied on the old Thought of the Day thread.

Enjoy. Maybe make a post out of the conversation and draw some more people in. You can paraphrase me if you like: I'll correct you if you go astray.
Cute girl. I know you all are just thrilled. I will post on the Iranian Shia/Sunni alliance, if any. In Iraq, we have to put the deaths after 3/03 into categories. Some were just ordinary crimes. Some were colateral damage caused by us. Some was real hardball politics. Some were insurgents we killed. I'm not sure I would call the Sunni/Shia internecine deaths significant until the golden mosque in Samarra was blown up. Then the shi'ite hit the fan. Things seem calmer now, I think your fears about a general Anti-American uprising by the united Shia Sunni we have militarized is close to fantasy. The Iraq Army appears to be much better than we could have expected. I hope they don't get so powerful and full of themselves that they decide to take over the whole country. What we really owe our armed forces is heartfelt thanks for them never ever getting close to that danger

In Iraq, the army taking over the country, has some historical precedent. I think you can count on it--except for Kurdistan--unless the civilian government gets its stercoraceous material in one sock.

There's always that danger when you get a competent organization with a near monopoly on weapons and the government can't get anything, even a foot, in one sock. Even European countries in the last 50 years have been taken over by military juntas, and it is much worse in Asia, Africa and Central and S. America. It may well be the case in Iraq, but they are not doomed to it, even the absence of further political improvement. Quit wishing for bad luck and knockin' on wood.
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