Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Thought of the Day

Tutela valui

Ashely Dupre
I've been well and remain that way because I have protection. (kinda)
Mark Buchan, a classics professor at Columbia, says that it could mean "safe haven"
I have no freakin' idea and the addition of a butterfly makes no sense whatsoever.
Oh, this is the prostitute who ruined the political career of the execrable Eliot Spitzer.
I would have gone with Meretrix or perhaps beef in oyster sauce in Chinese ideagrams.


Spitzer ruined his own political career.

You know why he cheated on his wife ? She was a spitzer and not a swallower.

Mark Dunn
I agree, but she helped.
R & M:

I read an article in a recent New Yorker Magazine about a political consultant whose name escapes me but who has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. The downfall of Elliot Spitzer was discussed and the guy claimed that Spitzer always kept his socks on during sex.

I have always considerd, if you're a guy, that being naked except for your socks during sex is incredibly uncool. I guess I am sexist in this regard b/c I do not feel the same way about women.

Sockless during sex is the only way to go. Unless it is really cold.

Don't tell me you employ electric socks as a sex toy.

No, but I did use a cattle prod once (not on myself).


My eyes faile me. What does the tattoo actually say?
Tutela valui, which was why I had the photo accompany the posting. Kind of basic blogging there.
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