Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Taking the Rough With the Smooth

I've never really hated the French. Most of their food is too good; some of their movies and books are pretty good; many of their women are too pretty to hate the French. Paris is really nice too. I do make fun of them about their lack of military success since about 1918, but there are guys who know how to fight in France--I'm thinking primarily about the French paratroops--and the French Foreign Legion can fight. They also have nukes (and are not afraid to threaten their first use) and a nuke carrier that's too dangerous to take out of port. I would be proud to call them an ally, even an independent ally.

So, under any circumstances it's a good thing that the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy wants to rejoin NATO and ramp up his country's pathetic little military budget by a pitiful woefully inadequate amount, because of the recognition of the threat Muslim extremism holds for the West. A real good thing. Vive le France!


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