Sunday, June 29, 2008


Republican Heaven...With Guns

Went yesterday to the Independence Institute's ATF party at Kiowa Creek Shooting Center way the heck out on Quincy. Jon Caldera started this shindig about 6 years ago to smoke cigars, drink alcohol and shoot guns (not in that order) and it was a lot of fun. I still suck with a shotgun (38 out of 100). Because I was wearing my fathers UVA hat, beltway 'boy' Fred Barnes talked to me for a bit. I also got to talk to pretty brilliant Dave Kopel about what the DC gun ban case, Heller, will mean in the future. He was wearing on his vest more NRA patches than I though existed, but he didn't shoot. Must be a hand gun guy.

Fred Barnes gave a semi-extemporaneous speech which was full of good common sense and possible future scenarios. A businessman whose name I promptly forgot also had a good rousing speech about the enormous power to do things the private sector has. Indeed, he said, only the private sector gets things done. Sounds right at least recently.

Also want to mention my old friend Leslie Hanson, Assistant District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District (Arapahoe County et al.) who took over Kaplis' seat against mutual friend Craig Silverman on Friday on the radio and did great, although she had the unenviable task of supporting our laws against mere marijuana possession. Did I say old there? Opps. Lelsie looks superficially like Jane Fonda wishes she still looked but Les actually has a functioning brain. Anyway, I hope someone looks into Leslie taking on the job permanently as I don't listen to the show much because I just don't like one note conservative samba, holier than thou, Kaplis smarming his way through the show. Craig's no day at the beach either but at least he tries to be sincere.

Les and I once tried a man whom the judge ordered bound and gagged in front of the jury. I'm not kidding. We 'bitched' him, or at least Leslie did; I had to get to a second trial and she did the habitual part on her own.


Careful there. A Jane Fonda look-a-like might get shot there.
Shoot the ADA of Arapahoe County? God, I hope not.
I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.
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