Sunday, June 01, 2008


Report on the American War Dead in Iraq and Afghanistan

The news is mixed but generally good--a very low number of war dead in Iraq, higher numbers from Afghanistan--32 combined, just over one per day. As reported by the Department of Defense, during May, 18 members of our armed forces died in Iraq (way down from the 50 plus last month) and 14 died in Afghanistan (well more than the single digits it's been for, well, forever, in May 2007, eight died there). Here's a closer look at those numbers.

In Iraq, 8 died from IEDs, three from small arms and one from an automobile accident. Four Marines died in al Anbar in what was, as usual, only described as combat operations and two soldiers died of non combat causes, under investigation.

In Afghanistan, 6 died from IEDs (that's up, as I have long predicted), four from small arms, two from non combat causes , one from combat operations (a Marine) and one from natural causes, in Dijbouti. With that last reported death, it is clear that it is difficult to criticize the DOD for underinclusion of deaths in the theater of operations.

Two commissioned officers died, Lt. Col. Joseph Moore, 54, (the guy in Dijbouti) and 1st Lt. Jeffery Deprino, 35 (from an IED). Two women died, Mary Jaenichen, 20 (NCC) and Jessica Ellis, 24 (IED).

Our hopes and prayers go out for all our brave warriors and their families.

UPDATE: In June, the Department of Defense released the name of another soldier killed in Iraq in May so the total killed there was 19, with three of non combat causes under investigation (generally this means suicide).


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