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Here is a little gem of a posting at the Ace of Spades HQ, which I'll use for a jumping off place for further discussion about the essential nature of the left/right political divide. Essential nugget from lefty blogsite Firedoglake:

If there is a President Obama come next Jan. 20, normal folks better brace for what the right-wing crazies have in mind. Because it’s becoming clear that they are winding themselves up now for a fresh spate of violence if Obama wins.

A fresh spate of violence?

What was the old one from 'right-wing crazies'?

All I can think of is the abortion clinic bomber and shooters and perhaps Timothy McVeigh, although I'm not sure of his politics.

Is there anything else? Consider that an invitation for comment.

Now let's go back just 50 years and consider the left wing crazies and the violence they brought down or at least attempted to perpetrate:

November 22, 1963--President John F. Kennedy shot in the neck and head by Communist defector, returned to the United States, Lee Harvey Oswald.

June 5, 1968--Probably unsuccessful presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was shot in the head by Christian Palestinian socialist Sirhan Sirhan.

1969--Fascist organization Weatherman/Weather Underground, through Barack Obama's friend Bernardine Dohrn, adopts the policy and then actually declares war on America, runs a bombing campaign against government buildings and business targets until 1980, which bombings resulted in several deaths.

November 6, 1973--Fascist organization Symbionese Liberation Army shoots and kills Marcus Foster, kidnaps Patty Hearst, robs banks (killing several) and fights a big looser battle with LA Police where most are shot and/or burned to death. The active violence ends in 1975 but the last of the survivors are not brought top justice until 2004.

September 5, 1974--Lefty hippy, Manson follower Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme tries but fails to shoot President Ford

Sept. 22, 1975--Lefty hippy, Sarah Jane Moore tries but fails to shoot President Ford.

March 9, 1977--about a dozen socialist Muslims take over buildings in DC, killing one reporter and wounding then councilman Marion Barry.

1978 through 1995--Socialist/Luddite Unabomber mails bombs to two dozen people and businesses, three people killed.

November 7, 1983-- militant leftists Armed Resistance Unit bombs the US Senate.

January 25, 1993--lefty Muslim Mir Aimal Kasi kills 2, wounds 3 as he sprays the CIA parking lot with gunfire.

February 26, 1993--first bombing of World Trade Tower by lefty Muslim Ramzi Yousef kills 6 and injures nearly a thousand.

February 24, 1997--Danish leftist, possibly in league with Palestinians, kills one, wounds several on observation deck of Empire State Building.

Beginning on November 30, 1999, lefty anarchist riot and break things at random in Seattle while WTO meets there.

September 11, 2001--19 socialist Jihadists attack World Trade Center and Pentagon and another unknown building in DC, nearly 3,000 killed.

July 4, 2001--raving socialist Egyptian Hashan Mohamed Hadayet shoots up El Al desk at LAX, killing 2.

October, 2002--socialist American Muslims John Mohamed and Lee Malvo shoot many and kill ten around DC area.

June, 2006--Animal Liberation Front, socialist/anarchist group tries but fails to bomb UCLA lab of Professor Lynn Fairbanks.

Beginning 12/31/99 through the present, socialist/anarchist group Earth Liberation Front starts campaign of burning buildings and cars. No one killed yet, millions of dollars in property damage done.

I have to ask again, what old spate of right wing violence?

Lefties, beam in your eye causes you to see only tiny mote on the right. I left out all the Democratic rioting of the 60s and 70s.

I've often thought that the right would be better at armed insurrection. We have more guns and are better shots than almost any group on the left. But the first side that uses violence to achieve political ends has lost the debate and any claim to moral persuasion. This is why there is so much more political violence in America, and in the World, on the left, where the incidence of political murder and violence has a ratio between 10 to one (in America) and 100 to one (rest of World)left versus right.

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