Thursday, June 05, 2008


More on Afghanistan

Good guy Herschel Smith at The Captain's Journal has a second look at what's actually going on in Afghanistan. He's with me. The Taliban is coming out to play, on a vastly reduced scale from what we expected, and are getting their asses handed to them. If all the forces there were American Marines, as opposed to the completely feckless non English speaking NATO forces, then Afghanistan would soon be a Taliban free zone.

Money quote from Mr. (Captain?) Smith:

The Captain’s Journal loves the truth, and presents critical analysis for the purpose of examination of strategy, tactics and logistics. We do not engage in political ‘hackery’, and we don’t shill for politicians or political parties. The campaign in Afghanistan is suffering from lack of force projection. The campaign in Afghanistan must be won. The Marines are showing us how to win it. These are not contradictory points, and our articles on this have made perfect sense. (Emphasis added).


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