Wednesday, June 18, 2008



I watch some television, but no broadcast shows--no sitcoms, no (or few) police, lawyer or doctor dramas. The movement seems to have been away from the traditional weekly short plays to reality shows anyway (I wonder if writer strikes have had any effect there?) and although I'm sure if I watched them, the reality shows would bore me, there is a lot to be said about the power of reality as shown in a good documentary.

I'm not sure I could recommend the long series/documentary Carrier (about the USS Nimitz, CVN 68), it's about 4 episodes too long for me, but if you get a chance, give Another Day in Paradise a look. It's about three fathers on the ship, a distillation of the perhaps too long series, as the Nimitz sails from San Diego to the Persian Gulf and then back over 6 months. It's wonderful and a lot is packed into 90 minutes, not the least of which is some powerful emotional connection (or so I imagined).

It's on PBS and it gives our military a fair shot. Wow! It premiered tonight but they'll play it again.


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