Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The Democratic Plan for New Energy Production

When John McCain and the Republicans running for office this November began to make some headway with the meme, "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" the Democratic Empire struck back with this sort of complaint--

After being pummeled by Republicans for opposing efforts to open more areas to offshore drilling, Democrats have shifted gears and are blaming energy companies for not fully exploiting the domestic oil and gas reserves they already control.

House and Senate Democrats are complaining that U.S. oil companies are not drilling on 68 million acres of leased federal land and waters.

“At a time when our constituents are paying $4 per gallon at the pump, the answer is to make sure that oil companies are producing on the land they currently own,” four leading House Democrats wrote in a letter to colleagues. “They need to either use it or lose it.”

Expect to hear 'use it or lose it' for a time until people realize how shallow and stupid it is. And as a lawyer I have to point out that 'own' and 'lease' are mutually exclusive legal concepts. There's more.

The vast majority of oil and natural gas resources on federal lands are already open for drilling, and they are not being tapped,” [Senator] Dodd said June 12 on the Senate floor. “I hear complaints about the 1.5 million acres closed off in ANWR, and yet we are sitting on roughly 68 million acres under lease but not in production — why don’t they talk about that?

OK, I think I get it--The official Democratic plan is that we should only drill where the Oil Companies have already determined that it is not commercially viable to do so.

Yeah, that should work.


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