Thursday, June 26, 2008


Colorado Springs Girl Saves Herself with Sports Bra

Although Jessica Bruinsma screwed up in the German Alps near the old NAZI stronghold of Berchtesgaden by falling over a cliff onto a ledge, she certainly knew what was likely to 'flag' male rescuers' attention in that she ran up her white sports bra on a logging wire, which act ultimately led to her rescue. Hope that all is well with her. My question is this: It was reported that the bra size was 36DD, did that size lead to a more rapid rescue than, say, a 34A? Or was it just the idea of a braless lady in distress? Just askin'



She was rescued by lumberjacks.

I can't say; I don't even know the German for lumberjack. It's probably 30 letters long anyway.
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