Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A Three Hour Tour...

Anthony Watt notes the subtle irony of ecotourists on a huge former Soviet ice breaker, there to see the arctic sea ice 'before it disappears forever,' stuck in that same ice.

Too subtle for most ecotourists, I fear.


And they're on an "ice breaker" - aren't they worried they'll hurt the ice?
It's like someone flying on a jet airplane, and then complaining about all the litter and trash they create while aloft - hellooo, C02 and that big fat carbon footprint....
I see your point, but I'm not afraid of producing CO2, unless, like Mary Jo Kopechne, I'm trapped in a small space with limited air. The sea ice in the north is melting a little faster in some places than last year but apparently not where the ship is. Thanks for the comment.
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