Thursday, May 22, 2008


This Day in the, Sadly, Lost History of Anti-Communist Democrats

On this day in 1947, the "Truman Doctrine," which said that we would forcefully stop the spread of Communism worldwide, became more than just a concept as President Truman signed the legislation by which Congress had appropriated military and economic aid for Greece (and also Turkey), engaged in a low grade but savage civil war, waged by local Communists who sought to take over the country. The aid to these countries morphed the next year into the Marshall plan, our most effective tool, early on, against the spread of Communism in Europe, and later into NATO. President Reagan's ultimate defeat of the Soviets came because he merely continued, robustly, the sound policy started by Truman. Like President Bush (son), who also made real his own Doctrine regarding militant Muslim extremists, Truman was a very unpopular president in part for standing up to the forces of evil in the world.


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