Monday, May 26, 2008


Short TV Post

Just finished watching Recount on HBO about the aftermath of the 2000 election, and it wasn't that bad. A few things got left out--like the disenfranchising of several hundred overseas military voters because the Florida officials followed Florida law but forgot about the consent decree, accepted by Florida, which made more inclusive Federal laws supreme in that area, and the fact that the witnesses at a Civil Rights Commission investigation, looking into the alleged racial disenfranchisement, all got to vote. Oh, yeah, and they left out the part that a consortium of the New York Times and other news organizations re-examined the 43,000 state wide undervotes (ballots which showed no choice for president), the recounting of which the United States Supreme Court had stayed pending a decision by them, and BUSH STILL WON, as he had after every recount in Florida in 2000.

It doesn't seem too minor a thing to mention as a 'footnote' at the end of the film. Perhaps HBO ran out of time or space to include that apparently uninteresting historical fact.

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