Saturday, May 31, 2008


Good News

The credible, scientifically sound idea about causation is that one thing leads to another. The Warmies think that increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere drives global warming. We climate change deniers think it's historically just the opposite, warming ultimately from the sun causes the oceans to release more CO2 into the atmosphere. Most of the Earth's atmosphere is not greenhouse gas (99% is oxygen or nitrogen). In the remaining 1%, the overwhelmingly important greenhouse gas is water vapor (either the invisible stuff we call humidity or clouds). Even of the atmospheric CO2, almost all of it is naturally occurring from plants and the admittedly increased amount we humans put into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels is insignificant in comparison. So any tax on, or cap and trade bureaucratic nightmare regarding, or outright ban of, CO2 production which our leaders would saddle our economy with is absolutely wasted effort and would be the cause of untold suffering (here in America with merely a slightly lower standard of living, but greatly magnified in the developing world).

The Lieberman-Warner Act, scheduled for debate soon, is a cap and trade bureaucratic nightmare, but these guys report it has no chance of passage. Whew, dodged a bullet there. But with each of the possible next presidents a Warmie, and the almost certainty of Democratic gains in the House and Senate in November, perhaps this is just a bump on the road to ruin we seem to have charted for ourselves. But at least it's not happening yet. Good news, indeed.


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