Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Good News from Afghanistan

Despite the doom and gloom being spread by the media lately (like the fertilizer it is) that things are about to go way south in Afghanistan, it turns out that the Taliban really doesn't want to come out and play with the Brit, Canadian, Aussie and American troops there. The (Slightly) Dreaded Taliban Spring Offensive has failed to materialize for a second year, even as we continue to seek and kill them.

Behold the Strategy Page's take here. Money quote:

While some Taliban commanders have tried to develop new tactics to reduce casualties (smaller units of Taliban, and avoiding contact with police and troops), nothing has worked. The Afghan army is larger (76,000 troops) and better trained than last year, and there are more foreign troops. Worst of all, more tribal leaders have sided with the government this year, meaning tribal militias are also ready to fight Taliban moving through previously pro-Taliban territory.

Over half the Taliban in Afghanistan are from Pakistan, for Pete's sake.

The photo is of American Marines laughing at the Taliban during a lull in the fighting near Madrassa, Afghanistan. At highest resolution you see the camera caught the Marine top left in mid-spit.


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