Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Bad News for The Least of the Kennedy Brothers

The news is that Teddy Kennedy (D-MA) has a "malignant glioma" in his brain. It is the consensus here that such a tumor is the worst of the worst and Kennedy will be lucky to live another 6 months, no matter what treatment he gets.

Now I have to deal with the amount of sadness that news causes me.

OK. Done.

UPDATE: I see that I'm being way too harsh compared to other right center sites who all wish him and his family well and talk about prayers. Like with Rob at Say Anything. It's just that I think he killed a woman merely because he wouldn't report it within the first several hours. He also spearheaded the backstabbing of SE Asia. Tough to feel sorry for that sorry an excuse for a human. Darn, there I go again.


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