Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What's Wrong With This Picture?

Other than Cate Blanchett looks more severe than good, that is. Well, she's manning, if I can use that word, a Browning machine gun, an M1919A6, to be precise, but it's on a tripod. The A6 was designed to be fired from a bi-pod (visible on the front are the folded down legs of that bi-pod), and it could be picked up with the swing away handle (also visible), but it didn't have the place to link in the pintle of a tripod, or so I've been told. Obviously, the wizards of Spielberg/Lucas got it done.

I think the Summer movies are just going to stink, but I'll go see Indy once more, just for nostalgia.

Below is a photo of the A6 in proper use in Korea.


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