Thursday, April 10, 2008


Death From Above

A Voight F4U Corsair fires several 'mighty mouse' 2.75" rockets at Japanese fortifications. The Corsair was perhaps our finest prop driven plane, and what a prop! The propeller was so big they had to angle the wings down for a few feet in order for it to clear the ground on take off and landing. Thus the gull wing look of the Corsair. It could go much faster than 400 mph and in fact was so fast one of them shot down a MiG jet during the Korean Conflict.
The photo is undated but was taken sometime during the very hard battle for Okinawa, March 18, 1945 to June 23, 1945. Casualties were horrendous, but we were clearly winning the war. Hmmm? That would be a baffling concept to many liberals in this country today.


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