Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tow the Global Warming Line..or Else

The annual prediction of what the Hurricane season will be like from CSU Professor Emeritus William Grey up at Colorado State University has been no better than other predictions lately. He and others keep saying it will be bad and it isn't. That's because there is no connection between CO2 atmospheric concentration and the formation of big, destructive storms. Now Grey has become a bit of a global warming skeptic and what happens?

But now the institution in Fort Collins, Colo., where he has worked for nearly half a century, has told Gray it may end its support of his seasonal forecasting.

As he enters his 25th year of predicting hurricane season activity, Colorado State University officials say handling media inquiries related to Gray's forecasting requires too much time and detracts from efforts to promote other professors' work.

But Gray, a highly visible and sometimes acerbic skeptic of climate change, says that's a "flimsy excuse" for the real motivation — a desire to push him aside because of his global warming criticism.

Among other comments, Gray has said global warming scientists are "brainwashing our children."

It's never good science to punish those who stray from the politically correct line.


In order to increase the chances of one getting federally funded grant money, it is always good to add the phrase "...and its effect on global warming" in the title, REGARDLESS of the topic or how unrelated it may be to global warming.

Of course, I'm being a bit facetious, but there is some truth in this.
Just as an inordinate amount of federal research grants went to studies of the relationship of cancer to smoking, so now the lion's share of weather research money goes to the Warmies and their toadies. Still waiting for the exposure of slush funds from oil and gas companies who are buying the opinions of anthropogenic global warming skeptics. I believe it will be as long a wait as for those who believe space aliens are about to land in DC. Thanks for the comment.

Did you ever read "The Puppet Masters?" I regret to advise that space aliens have already landed in Washington DC and usurped the bodies of everyone in government. This would explain alot don't you think?

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