Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Report on the American War Dead in Afghanistan and Iraq

For March, as announced by the Department of Defense, 39 service members died--33 from service in Iraq (nearly the same as last month) and 6 from service in Afghanistan (that's up).

Here's a further breakdown: In Iraq, 16 were killed by IEDs. That's nearly the same as last month. Only two were killed by small arms; three were killed in accidents; only one from non-combat causes; five from a suicide bomber on foot; and, five from indirect fire. No marines died in combat operations in al Anbar. That's good. One soldier died but there was no further information.

In Afghanistan, four were killed by IEDs and two in combat operations without further detail. That's five more than the single IED caused death last month. Because of the paucity of firefight deaths, I'd say the (slightly) Dreaded Spring Taliban Offensive is yet to arrive.

Our hopes and prayers go out for all our brave warriors.


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