Sunday, April 06, 2008


Charlton Heston

Chuck Heston was not this country's greatest actor, but a very fine man, on the right side of things vis a vis civil rights in '63; political thinking about that time and thereafter; and, about guns for a very long time (cold dead hands, indeed). Here are some of the movies he actually added to:

He was a good Richelieu in both the 4 and 3 Musketeers;

He was a believable cowboy in Will Penny (points taken away from the movie for Lee Majors);

He could hold his own against Lawrence Olivier, who played the Mahdi, in Khartoum;

Good as the title character in The War Lord;

He was pretty good in Touch of Evil, too bad the movie sucks so bad;

Actually good all the way through in Major Dundee (again title character); and,

The chariot race is still one of the best things on film from Ben-Hur.

Also, even beginning to show the Alzheimers which may have killed him, he elegantly revealed in Bowling For Columbine Michael Moore to be the lying, manipulative, little (figuratively) backbiter he is.



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