Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This Day in the History of Real Wars Ending

On this day in 1940, while the Germans, French and Great Britain fought the Sitzkrieg, a savage little war, called the Winter War, which had gone badly for the Soviets, came to an end when Finland and the Soviet Union concluded an armistice.


"Came to an end" when the Finns gave the Sovs what the Sovs had demanded prior to the war. That is, it ended when the Finns lost.

Though saying it ended is perhaps not a complete description either. The Finns refer to their alliance with Germany against the Sovs starting in 1941 as the Continuation War.
Right. It was more moral victory than actual. But, the Soviets created an ally for the Nazis and indeed it is argued that Hitler invaded the SU only because of their bad showing against tiny Finland. Would you say that the Finns have had revenge for the Winter War by living better over the last 60 plus years?
Probably. Though I think that the Finns lost about 20 miles of the Karelian Isthmus and bits of the rest of their eastern border permanently.

Somehow, I can't quite recall the outrage from the UN about illegal occupation over the last six decades.

I must have missed that.
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