Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This Day in the History of Evil

On this day in 1938, a new, improved Nazi Weapons Law was passed generally restricting firearm ownership, particularly handguns, to members of the National Socialist Party. It was certainly a help to the SS and SD to know that the Jews, Gypseys, homosexuals, and political enemies they were rounding up and shipping to concentration camps would be unarmed. Tyranny generally grows where the government has absolutely no fear of the people governed.


Gun ownership was limited to ethnic Germans, just as it should be limited to whites in the United Stats.
Bad comment and not correct historically. The great majority of Germans, richtig Deutschers, were disarmed by the new law. I'm OK with limiting gun ownership to citizens but color (or race, if that's different) doesn't make any difference. Amended, the Constitution is colorblind. Sell your racist comments elsewhere, please.
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