Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This Day In The History Of Anti War Protesters..and SpellCheck

It hasn't been five years to many; it's been five years to all of us. Exactly who are those college students accusing of not having gone through the last five years? Damn exclusionists.
Liberals have lost the concept of the individual.......thus " to many " instead of each.
Mornin Ed.

Spellcheck would not have caught the error as no word is missplelled. Grammar check would have.

Oh well, I guess mission accomplished so far as NCLB is concerned.

Not a big fan of NCLB either....

I lump spellcheck and grammar check into the same category....
Since those protesters would have learned their spelling and grammar basics well before the passage of NCLB, I find it interesting* that you would choose to place the blame there. NCLB has flaws, but even if its only advantage were forcing schools to allow parents to remove their kids from toxic environments (like those evidenced by the sign here), it would be a net positive.

ps. Never trust grammar checkers. They are more likely to suggest a change from a grammatical sentence to something ungrammatical than to point out an actual error in every implementation I've ever seen.

* Not surprising, of course; "NCLB" is magic word used (like "for the children" or "fascist") to delegitimize opposing arguments. If you actually want to discuss the advantages and failings of the bill, there are probably a better places than this comment thread, though.

I'm just not a fan of government schools period. Much less the meme that throwing money at them teaches children any more, or any better.

Perhaps there is a better forum, but when the administration holds up NCLB as one of its shining accomplishments, it makes me look askance at its other claims.

NCLB was passed in 2001. If the protesters are below the age of 20, they were probably subjected to NCLB.

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