Monday, March 03, 2008


Redemption for the Gynocide

Gloria Steinem, who I thought had died, was up stumping for Hillary in Texas lately, dissing McCain, spouting historical mistakes (Lincoln won the nomination in Chicago, not NYC) and then going really strange with this:

“I don’t think as many want redemption for the gynocide.”
“They acknowledge racism—not enough, but somewhat,” Steinem continued. “They would probably be less likely to acknowledge that the most likely way a pregnant woman is to die is murder from her male partner. There are six million female lives lost in the world every year simply because they are female.”

Gynocide, huh? Really?

How many men die each year simply because they are male? More, I'd guess, but we don't bitch about it.



Wrong question. The right question is: Annually and globally, how many men are killed by their pregnanat wives?

I think the precise question is how reliable are her statistics? I believe murder of pregnant wives is pretty rare and the second statistic was not it but another feminist talking point which is also incredibly overblown. But that's just me, I'm sure.
To answer your question--very few.
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